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About O Z Swagg

I was born in Little Rock Arkansas and after loss of my dad at 11, I've since then endured growing up while creating music. 
I gained interest of learning how to become a song writer and Rap artist from recording rap lyrics in my home. I then
graduated to professional studios and begin to expand my music catalog.
I'm thankful for all my day 1 supporters
and many others that contribute to my success. 
My music recordings are experiences of  my life that I've recorded from stories to great energy in my Rap songs. In May 2020 I released my debut album Better or Worse. Much of my music is still unreleased. Please check out all my recordings and subscribe @ ozswagg.com and  all social media platforms of O Z Swagg. Thanks.

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Introducing the crew

O Z Swagg

  Artist / Songwriter 

CEO - songwriter/ artist 
O Z Swagg LLC  at
Not Faulty Music.

Marcus "Slo-Mo"Cowin

Digital Production and design

Intelligent in networking,
event coordinating  and music production.

Tony Coleman 


Charismatic in song writing, networking and performing artist

Pamela Duncan

DMP. Manager

Incredible cinematographer work ethics, networking  and advocate.

Joshua Spencer

Technical Prod. Manager

Excellent cinematographer, set director and technical abilities.

Amir Sanford


Great talens of song writing networking  and performing artist.

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